Bajaj Capital is dedicated to developing lasting relationships with clients and we strive to fulfill all their needs and expectations at all times. We understand that sometimes things can go wrong and when this happens, we encourage our clients to tell us about it. We further believe that excellent client service is the hallmark of a good organisation.

We take complaints and feedback as a tool to improve our quality of service and we never tire of learning from our mistakes. We also treat complaints and suggestions as valuable insight into our client’s wants and needs.

At Bajaj Capital, our clients are our sole focus. Bajaj Capital's growth depends on the satisfaction of our clients. A suitable mechanism therefore has been made for receiving and redressing our client’s grievances promptly, courteously, and satisfactorily.


The objective of the Client Grievance Redressal Policy is to ensure that:

All clients should be treated fairly and without bias at all times.
All issues raised by clients should be dealt with courtesy and resolved promptly.
Clients should be made aware of all their rights so that they can opt for alternative remedies, if they are not fully satisfied with our response or resolution to their complaint.
Principles of Grievance Redressal:

The guiding principles to our Grievance Redressal policy are as follows:

(I) Transparency: The client shall be provided with all information regarding the channels they can access to service their requirements and resolve their issues. In addition, the turn around time for issues to be redressed, including investigation and resolution, shall be communicated transparently and promptly.

(II) Accessibility: Bajaj Capital enables its clients to contact its Complaint Cell through our toll free number at 1800-313-123123 or through email at Alternatively, Clients may fill up the Complaints Form on our website ( Client may also choose to write to us at Complaints Cell, Bajaj Capital Ltd. 97, Bajaj House, Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019.

(III) Escalation: In case a client is not satisfied with the resolution provided at the Branch-level or through our Complaint Cell, the complaint will be escalated to Regional Managers (details enclosed at the back) and thereafter to the CEO's office for its resolution at

Refer section (C) for escalation matrix

(IV) Client Education: Bajaj Capital shall endeavor to make continuous efforts to educate its clients so as to enable them to make informed choices regarding the solutions offered by Bajaj Capital.

(V) Review: Bajaj Capital has forums at various levels to review its client grievances so as to enhance the quality of client servicing that is offered. A standing committee has been made that mandates the operations of the Complaints Cell and audit their performances for best complaints resolution.

On the basis of this approach, the Grievance Redressal Policy of Bajaj Capital is as follows:
(A)  Registration of complaints: Bajaj Capital enables its client’s to register grievances through multiple channels. The various channels available to clients for registering complaints are as follows:
  • Bajaj Capital

    Complaint Cell: Clients can contact our Complaints Cell officers over the phone for redressal of their issues. The toll free number to lodge any complaints is 1800-313-123123 (Toll free).

  • Bajaj Capital

    Bajaj Capital’s website: Clients can lodge their grievances by filling in the "Complaint Form" available on the home page of the Bajaj Capital website (

  • Bajaj Capital

    Branch: Client can speak to branch officials for resolution of their issues or they can register their grievances through the complaint form available in the branches. Clients can give their complaint/feedback through boxes made available at the branch. There is a Branch locator option that has also been provided on our website in case the client wants to locate the address, phone numbers of the nearest branch to their locality.

  • Bajaj Capital

    Clients of Demat Services can write to in case they are not satisfied with the resolution provided through their respective channels.

(B) Resolution of Complaints:

Time frame for response:

The turn-around-time for the responding to a complaint is:-

  • Bajaj Capital

    (1) The maximum time for the responding to a complaint is seven working days but we will try to get it resolved at the earliest.

  • Bajaj Capital

    (2) If any case needs additional time, Bajaj Capital will inform the client and regulators the(if applicable) reasons for delay in resolution and provide an expected time lines for resolution of the issue.

(C) Escalation of complaints:

If a client is not satisfied with the resolution provided through various channels, the client has the option to escalate the issues to a higher level, as per the escalation matrix given underneath.

Escalation matrix
If an interaction is not acted upon in 24 hours of receipt Escalated to

If an interaction is not acted upon in 48 hours of receipt Escalated to the Grievance Redressal Officer

If an interaction is not acted upon in 72 hours of receipt Escalated to the Company Secretary

with a copy to CEO(

Forums to review client grievances and enhance the quality of client servicing offered:

Client Service Committee:  Bajaj Capital has constituted a corporate level Client Service committee. The committee acts as a forum to enable clients meet and interact with senior managers of Bajaj Capital with the following objectives:

  • Bajaj Capital

    Collect client feedback on services provided by the Bajaj Capital

    Bajaj Capital

    Reduce information gap between clients and Bajaj Capital

    Bajaj Capital

    But most importantly to build trust amongst clients.

Standing Committee on Client Service: The Client Service committee is chaired by the Group CEO of our Company. Business Heads and Heads of related departments are members of the Committee. The committee focuses on building and strengthening client service orientation in Bajaj Capital by initiating various measures and simplifying processes for improvement in client service levels. The committee holds monthly review meetings to discuss service updates, ongoing projects specifically targeted towards improvement of client service and any appropriate actions arising from discussions that take place. The Client Service committee carries out the following specific functions:

  • Bajaj Capital

    Evaluate feedback on the quality of client servicing received from various quarters.

    Bajaj Capital

    Review comments/feedback from the Complaint Cell

    Bajaj Capital

    Review each complaint.

    Bajaj Capital

    Ensure that Bajaj Capital follows all regulatory instructions regarding client service and actionables as per ISO 10002:2004 parameters.

    Bajaj Capital

    mit report on its performance to the Client Service Committee of the board at quarterly intervals.


A complaint shall be considered as disposed off and closed when:

  • Bajaj Capital

    (a) The Company has acceded to the request of the complainant fully.

    Bajaj Capital

    (b) Where the complainant has been indicated in writing of the acceptance of the response of the Company

    Bajaj Capital

    (c) Where the complainant has not responded to the Company within 8 weeks of the Company’s written response.

Investor Grievance Redressal Mechanism of Bajaj Capital Ltd. as per SEBI Circular No. CIR/MRD/ICC/30/2013 dated 26th September, 2013

(a) Register on SCORES portal

(b) Mandatory details for filing complaints on SCORES:

(i) Name, PAN, Address, Mobile Number, E-mail ID

(c) Benefits:

(i) Effective communication

(ii) Speedy redressal of the grievances

Link to SCORES as per SEBI letter no. MIRSD2/DB/AEA/OW/2018/7292 dated March 7, 2018

Physical copy of Bajaj Capital Complaint Policy is available in all Branch Offices


This policy document is the property of Bajaj Capital Limited and is for use only by Bajaj Capital Limited or any of its group companies. It must not be copied, disclosed, circulated or referred to in correspondence with external parties or discussed with any other third party other than for any regulatory requirements without prior written consent from Head of Complaints or any other nominated personnel.