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Introducing EDGE Report by Bajaj Capital

Determine the quality of your portfolio with Bajaj Capital's finest invention yet - the EDGE Report. Crafted by industry veterans who have grown wealth for multiple generations.

  • Evaluate Portfolio

    Evaluate your portfolio and build a 360° understanding with our best-in-class portfolio engine

  • Visibility of Holdings

    View all your holdings in a single document

  • Long-Term Wealth Creation

    Find never seen before opportunities with insights from the masters of growing wealth

Already Uploaded your eCAS? Get your EDGE Report here

Frequently Asked Questions

CAS or Consolidated Account Statement is a combined account statement that shows financial transactions made by an investor during chosen time period across all mutual funds and other securities held in a dematerialised or demat mode. The statement provides a comprehensive view of the investor’s holdings across funds serviced by all the RTAs or Registrar and Transfer Agents.

You can generate your CAMS + KFintech Consolidated Account Statement by visiting the CAMS online portal. For a complete step-by-step guide and link to the site, please click here.

Yes, PAN number is necessary to generate a CAS statement as all folios mapped to a particular PAN number will be displayed in a generated statement.

The Bajaj Capital EDGE Report is industry's most advanced portfolio report created by the experts of wealth management to help provide our investors with a high definition view of their entire universe of investment holdings - starting with mutual funds. Take stock of your investments in a single place and take the right decisions to make your wealth last for generations.

This entire service of fetching CAS to generating EDGE Report with Bajaj Capital is absolutely free of cost, and will always remain so.

Apart from details of financial transactions, the opening and closing balances, the CAS also includes the registered email address, nomination registration status, mode of holding, KYC status, ISIN and Unique Client Code (UCC) for each portfolio and scheme. Mobile phone number if provided by the investor, is shown by masking the middle digits to maintain data confidentiality and privacy.