Powerhouse of information for all mutual funds
What is Fund Barometer?

The Fund Barometer is a collation of all the information you would ever need on various mutual funds. All schemes are divided on the basis of their category. You can learn about things such as:

  • 1.  Fund size

  • 2.  NAV

  • 3.  Return over different time periods

  • 4.  Exit load, etc.

Benefits of Fund Barometer?
  • 1.  All information available in one place

  • 2.  Comprehensive analysis of different schemes

  • 3.  Easier comparison of schemes

How to use it?
  • 1.  The first page gives you different types of funds.

  • 2.  Clicking on any category takes you to the respective pages with a list of available schemes

  • 3.  You get all the information against each scheme.

  • 4.  Summary page gives you a snapshot of schemes.

  • 5.  You can refer the glossary page to understand the jargons better