Live life king size, even after retirement
Why you need to plan for retirement early?
  • Retirement corpus helps you continue your current lifestyle after the income stops

  • You have longer to build your retirement corpus

  • Compounding helps your money grow

  • You can afford to contribute more now when you have fewer responsibilities

How to plan for retirement?
  • Start early. The longer you have, the more you can collect

  • Start saving. Calculate your monthly expenditure and make a budget for yourself

  • Calculate how much money you’d need to live comfortably after retirement

  • Invest accordingly to grow your wealth over the period

What is Retirement Fund Calculator and how does it work?

Retirement Fund Calculator by Bajaj Capital is a tool to calculate the amount you’ll need to save every month to build your desired retirement corpus.

It gives you the result based on your monthly salary, current age, retirement age, and inflation rate.

Benefits of Retirement Fund Calculator
  • Convenient and easy

  • Tells you how much you need to save each month

  • Helps you decide your investment amount

Try the Bajaj Capital Retirement Fund Calculator now and start your journey to a rich retirement.