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Buy COVID-19 protection insurance Policy

Who can avail the policy and when

  • Cover

  • Age

    3 Months - 65 Years
  • Policy Period

    1 Year (OR) Policy Expiry whichever is earlier
  • Waiting Period

    15 Days from Policy Start Date

Policy Details

Plan Name ->
Pre & Post Hospitalisation
Quarantine Cover
Ambulance Cover
Daily Cash Benefit
Convalescence Cover
Travel Exclusion Waiver
Diamond Plus

What the Policy Covers

Base Cover

Hospitalisation Cover(1)

  • Hospitalisation Cover Medical Expenses incurred on Hospitalisation due to Diagnosis of presence of COVID-19

Pre & Post-Hospitalisation Cover(1)

  • Pre-Hospitalisation Cover the Medical Expenses incurred upto 30 days prior to date of Hospitalisation within the Hospitalisation Sum Insured limits
  • Post -Hospitalisation Cover the Medical Expenses incurred upto 60 days post discharge from the Hospital within the Hospitalisation Sum Insured limits

Secondary Add-On

Quarantine Cover

Medical Expenses during Quarantine(5), starting from the 4th day of Quarantine for a maximum of 15 days during the Policy Period

Ambulance Cover

Covers expenses on availing Road Ambulance Services in relation to Hospitalisation of insured Person due to presence of COVID-19

Daily Cash Benefit

An opted Daily cash(3) payout to insured Person for each 24 hours of Hospitalisation starting from the 2nd consecutive day of Hospitalisation Hospitalization excluding Quarantine.

Convalescence Cover

A Lump sum amount(4) is paid to the surviving insured Person offer his/her discharge from minimum 14days of Hospitalisation. The cover will be paid post discharge.

Travel Exclusion Cover

Waiver of travel restriction exclusion. Insured Person shall be eligible for claim under Hospitalisation Cover even if he/she has travelled to the travel-restricted countries 45 days immediately preceding the Policy Period Start Date.

Covered upto 50% of the Sum-Insured(2)
Covered upto Rs 3500 per Hospitalisation
1% of SI (per day) upto Rs 3000
10% of the SI max upto Rs 30000 to Surviving Insured Person
Eligible to claim under the Base policy

(1) Irrespective of number of claims made under this policy, the maximum claim amount payable during the policy period is restricted to the SI limit

(2) Under Quarantine cover , the total payable per day Medical Expenses shall be limited to 2% of the SI subject to maximum of Rs 5000 per day. Any one of the Hospitalization cover or Quarantine cover will be payment at a time. The total amount of payable under Hospitalization, Pre & Post Hospitalization and Quarantine Cover shall not exceed 100% of the SI. Only Insured person shall be payable under Quarantine Cover in any given policy period.

(3) Only one claim per insured person shall be payable for Daily Cash benefit . For a claim to be admissible under 'Daily Cash', a claim should have been made and accepted by the Company under "Hospitalization cover" excluding "Quarantine cover".

(4) Only one claim per insured person shall be payable under Convalescence Cover. For a claim to be admissible under 'Convalescence Cover', a claim should have been made and accepted by the company either under 'Hospitalization cover' or 'Quarantine cover'. Ambulance Cover, Daily Cash Benefit and Convalescence Cover are offered over and above the SI.

(5) Quarantine means isolation due to suspected infection of Covid-19. Testing of Diagnosis/prescription of Quarantine to be done by authorized centres as declared by Union Health Ministry of India

(6) Quarantine should be done in a Govt. authorized Quarantine center. Self isolation is not Quarantine.

Plan Premium

Plan Name ->
Premium for Sum Insured of
  • Age Band
  • ₹50,000
  • ₹1,00,000
  • ₹2,00,000
  • ₹3,00,000
  • ₹5,00,000
  • 03-55
  • ₹531
  • ₹675
  • ₹1,331
  • ₹1,987
  • ₹2,538
  • 56-60
  • ₹584
  • ₹743
  • ₹1,464
  • ₹2,186
  • ₹2,792
  • 61-65
  • ₹637
  • ₹810
  • ₹1,597
  • ₹2,384
  • ₹3,046
  • 03-55
  • ₹728
  • ₹907
  • ₹1,796
  • ₹2,684
  • ₹3,479
  • 56-60
  • ₹801
  • ₹998
  • ₹1,976
  • ₹2,952
  • ₹3,827
  • 61-65
  • ₹874
  • ₹1,088
  • ₹2,155
  • ₹3,221
  • ₹4,175

Premium Rates are excluding Taxes and Levies
Any one of Hospitalisation Cover or Quarantine Cover will be payable at a time
The total amount payable under Covers Hospitalisation Cover , Pre-Hospitalisation cover, Post -Hospitalisation Cover , Quarantine Cover shall not exceed 100% of the Sum Insured

General Conditions & exclusion in the policy

Base Cover

  • Treatment taken for any Pre-Existing Disease*
  • Co-Habitation with an existing Covid-19 patient
  • Travel to any restricted countries
  • Diagnosis done at Unauthorized testing centers
  • Diagnosis/Treatment taken outside India

Cover Exclusions

  • Self-Quarantine
  • Quarantine advised by any Unauthorized testing center
  • Quarantine/Isolation at any Unauthorized center
  • Cluster Containment operations carried out by State or Central Govt
  • Domiciliary or OPD Treatment

Intimate Claim to Us

Within 24 hours from the date of Emergency Hospitalisation or Quarantine required or before the Insured Person's discharge from Hospital or Quarantine centre, whichever is earlier

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The cashless hospitalization is subject to the hospital acceptance i.e. all our network hospital may not accept cashless or treat Covid 19 cases.