Good Is The Enemy Of Great
Good is the enemy of great. And that is the reasons why we have few people who becomes great.

Most of the people do not bother to become ‘great’ because after becoming ‘good’ (and getting appreciation from mediocre persons around them) they are satisfied with their goodness. Such persons stop growing and improving further and as a result remain mediocre throughout their lives.

Every person can become ‘great’ and improve his stature if he consciously applies the following principles in his life:

 1) Passion to become ‘great’. Such people defy the law of gravity. They convert their goodness into greatness.

 2 Have a compelling vision and magnificent obsession to become great. Nothing is impossible to accomplish when a person is totally focused to become great. Such persons have quantum jump from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

 3) Burning desire to learn more and earn more. With burning desire to earn more, spend more and become popular in society, they are compelled from within to work very hard and think of creative thoughts. It easily helps such persons to transform from ‘good’ to ‘great’.

Greatness is automatically engineered into the DNA of persons who always think positive thoughts, do positive actions and have company of ambitious and supporting friends. Such persons keep on improving from good to better and from better to the best.

Give yourself A New Year gift of forgiveness

One day, the sage gave his disciple an empty sack and a basket of potatoes and told him: “Think of all people who have done or said something against you in the recent past, especially those whom you cannot forgive. For each of them, inscribe the name on a potato and put it in the sack.” The disciple remembered quite a few names, and soon his sack was heavy with potatoes.

“Carry the sack with you wherever you go for a week.” said the saint. “We’ll talk after that.”

At first, the disciple thought of it. Carrying the sack was not very difficult. But after a while, it became more of a burden, and it seemed to require more effort to carry as time went on.

Even though its weight remained the same. After a few days, the carved potatoes in the sack started giving bad smell.

Not only were they increasingly inconvenient to carry around, they were also becoming rather unpleasant due to stinking of rotten potatoes.

Finally, the week was over. The sage summoned the discipline. “Any thoughts about all this?” “Yes, Master,” the discipline replied. “When we are unable to forgive others, we carry negative feelings with us everywhere, much like these stinking potatoes. That negativity becomes a burden in our mind.

“Yes, that is exactly what happens when one holds grudges against people. So, how can we lighten the load?” “We must strive to forgive and forget.”

Forgiving someone is the equivalent of removing one rotter potato from the sack. You have cleaned your mind by throwing all the persons against whom we have grudges are occupying rent free accommodation in our mind.

Give yourself a New Year gift of forgiveness. Only then your mind can be calm, peaceful and you can think self-improvement and constructive ideas.


Once a General Manager of an Organization wanted to test his team member, who had come from all over India to attend a seminar about their values and approach in life. He announced that in their seminar folder, there was a PVC pouch containing a seed. When they return, they must put the seed in a pot with good soil, fertilizer and water look after it very well. He would hold a competition at the next year's seminar and that the best plant would be awarded suitably.

Everyone did what was told to them. A year passed and next year in a big hall, a great variety of plants—all except in one----were seen. In this one pot there was water, soil and fertilizer, but no plant! The holder of the pot was standing quietly and seemingly ashamed of himself as he did everything (put water, soil and fertilizer in the pot) but did not put the seed in it. Hence nothing grew.

All the activities in life are based on agriculture theory, ie. if you sow some seeds today, only then you can expect fruits in future.

In one's growth in career, the seeds are Specialization of the subject in which one is engaged, Hard Work and Public Relations.

Whatever you wish in life will surely be given to you. What you must do is to truly work hard and go on sowing seeds of success----on daily basis.

This reminds us of a sayings from the Bible:

“As you sow, so shall you reap”,

“Seek and you will find,

Ask and it shall be given,

Knock and it shall open to you.”

Let honey flow from your tongue

Our tongue is always moist, showing us that our words must to be smooth too, and not dry, rough or harsh. There is a general saying : “There is no weapon that is more dangerous than the tongue.”That is why God has imprisoned the tongue in the mouth, with teeth on its sides, making it like an animal entrapped in a cage.

There is an old story about fight between Tongue and Teeth. Teeth said to Tongue, “You are one and a little piece of flesh, we’re strong and a team of 32. We can crush you any time.” The tongue replied back “Although I am little but my power is great. My one abuse to a wrestler can break all of you.”

If we ponder over the fact perhaps that is why God has given us two ears, but only one tongue. It means His intention is that we should use our ears more than our tongue.

Thousands of year ago our ancient scripture Rig Veda had said : “One who talks sweet and soft does not have an enemy and is blessed with plenty of wealth and good fortune.”

No venture can become great success unless its management and team members are courteous and sweet-tempered. It takes years to build up relationship with customers which can be broken by uncourteous and unkind words.

So choose your words wisely and let honey flow from your tongue.