A Planned Future is a Secure Future - Presenting Bajaj Capital 360 Degree Financial Assessment

At Bajaj Capital, we consider it our responsibility to help you not only plan for the various goals in life but also in choosing the right financial instruments that will let you fulfill them. So that funds like your daughter's marriage, or her education abroad or even your own retirement are available when the need arises. We do this through 360 degree Financial Assessment tool because we believe proper planning can help you achieve your financial goals and aspirations.

Our 360 degree financial assessment process is a unique scientific method. It takes an all round view of your finances; analysis of your income, profiling your current and future financial needs, and ultimately helping you choosing the products that will help you in achieving your goals.

Using this process, we will create a thorough analysis of your income, current and future financial needs, and take time to discuss your personal and professional aspirations. This gives us comprehensive insight into your financial life, which lets us choose financial instruments that will help you create wealth. It lets you select investment schemes, reduce tax liabilities, plan for a comfortable retirement or secure your child's future besides ensuring adequate coverage against unforeseen eventualities. And, the best part is it is completely customized for you, to work best in your interest.

Our proprietary 360° Financial Assessment Tool is a unique scientific method that takes an all-round view of investments using the 3 steps:

 i) Need Analysis: "Know Your Client" principle is at the heart of our business. We believe that we need to know our clients risk profile, basis financial situation, to present them the right selection of investment products/schemes.

 ii) Scheme Selection: We will use our best judgment and ability to present you with the best of the breed investment schemes, for you to choose from.

 iii) Efficient Execution: Our service really begins when you have completed your first transaction through us. Our aim is to be continuously in touch with you with new offerings.

Give us 15 minutes of your time and we can help you secure your future financial requirements through our unique 360 degree Financial Assessment tool.